Apr 4, 2013

WIP Report #7

After some time here is a preview of a HK 416 rifle with a short barrel, primary for 5. PSU. There are still a lot of work to do, like a sighting system, UV Map and textures of course.

I'm doing it only from photos, so I hope, that it's right. Thanks God for a Google images :D.

I have some troubles with a flash hider, because I exactly don't now what type of the flash hider are HK 416 using, but I think it istn's very important for now.

Mar 2, 2013

WIP Report #6

After many hours of modeling, texturing and testing I can finally say, that a canadians weapons are done for now. Why for now? Because the pack is including only firearms, still missing a launchers and C14 Timberwolf too.
Anyway I hope, that a other work will goes faster, I was trying many techniques and I chossed the best for my.

Ok, here is small prewiev, for more pics visit gallery
C9A1C7A2 EOT M203

And here is list of including weapons:

Feb 28, 2013

WIP Report #5

So, the canadian weapons are almost done. I have changed materials on the C79 Elcan optics, turned it into the green color and I have finished Browning HP. Here is small preview

Now I'm working on the textures for the EOTech 553. They are almost done, just a few details, like a shadows, highlights and prints.

Feb 25, 2013

WIP Report #4

After few weeks, the work on Slovak LYNX Commando still continues. I have modeled new pouches (like SMG magazine pouch, pistol magazine pouch, radio pouch, etc) and also (and again :D ) changed units marking, but the specializations (respactively gear) stay the same as I wrote in my last post.
Now the last thing to do is AM95 titan helmet for CQB Operator.

Here is a preview of progress:

Feb 21, 2013

WIP Report #3

I have just finished all C7A2 and C8 rifles, C9A2 LMG and C6 GPMG. I have replaced the old EOTech 552 with a new EOTech 553 (textures are still in WIP), I made a small changes on the all weapons, like a PEQ box placement and I added a tactical hand grips on the C7's and C8's too.
I have added C8SFW versions with a different accessories like a C79 Elcan, Aimpoint COMP ML2, Acog, EoTECH, M203 grenade launcher and silencer.

Here is small preview

C7A2 EOT M203C9A2 C79C6 GPMG

Now I'm going to made a C9A1 LMG (like a C9A2, just different stock) and a Browning HP.

Feb 5, 2013

WIP Report #2

Last time, I've informed about the work on LYNX Commando. As I mentioned, there will be 3 types of units - Assaultman, CQB Operator and Sniper.
TO DO: material on glasses, new pouches, replace crew helmet with AM95 titan helmet

Assaultman (type 1) will be armed with Vz.58 or G36, Assaultman (type 2) with MP5. CQB Operator will be armed with MP5 or shotgun. I have also decided to make the mod A.C.E. compatible, so they will have flashbangs instead of smoke shells (which is much more realistic) and be able to wear gas masks.

Jan 30, 2013

WIP Report #1

After some time, I have finally finished 5.PSU units. I have reworked the camo, adjust equipment, add patches and other small details and D4NNY made new vest - TBV (Takticka Balisticka Vesta - Tactical Ballistic Vest). Few pics:
But I still have to fix some issues, like shadows and head position


Now I'm reworking LYNX commando. I want to make 3 classes:
  • Assaultman (Vz.97 uniform, SF helmet, bulletproof vest with tactical modular vest)
  • CQB Operator (black uniform, ballistic helmet, gas mask, bulletproof vest with modular vest)
  • Sniper
WIP picture of Assaultman: